Friday, February 12, 2010

List of Obama Nicknames

One thing you can say about Obama is that he's inspired all sorts of nicknames, some very creative. I started to make my own list, but Brain Shavings has "The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List." Check it out. They left out some that I've seen, such as:

Chairman Zero

The Socialist Savior

The Marxist Messiah

The Moonbat Messiah

The Black Jimmy Carter

and for Star Wars fans, one I saw back during the campaign:

Admiral Barackbar ("It's a trap!").

Obama's name just lends itself to being turned into nicknames -- even for his followers, such as:





and Obami.

Some of the nicknames may be Obamanible, but expect new ones. It'll be an Obamanation until at least 2012.


  1. Another nickname for Obama supporters:


  2. It s show poor knowledge of politics by calling the lier-in-chief a socialist and a marxist when Obummer is truly a puppet of the industrial military complex and the banksters...

    For christ sake at the finances in his first team, was Laurence Summers from Goldman Sach and Robert Gate secretary of defense named by Bush ...

    There is NO left in this fascist corporatocracy, you guys are helping Oblahblah by calling him a socialist . Some poor uneducated people might beleive you and vote for him ....