Monday, February 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/1/2010

1. "THE PERSISTENT MYTH THAT PEOPLE DON’T VOTE THEIR INTERESTS" A good debunking of that common assertion.

Representative Sample:The arrogant stupidity of this mindset among many on the left shows they don’t have a clue why people vote the way they do, nor do they have a clue about the psychology that motivates the majority of Americans.

2. "Cowards" It may be in rant form, but it makes all kinds of useful points.

Representative Sample: Right from the start, Muslim terrorists have known where the chink in America’s armor is: a passel of self-loathing, America-despising academics, “journalists,” rabble-rouser activists, and Democrat Socialist hack politicians.

3. "The Search for the Next Hillary" Why would we want one? I'd say the odds are about even that she'll be replaced by someone even worse. But the main problem is Obama.

Representative Sample: any secretary of state is bound to be as ineffective as Hillary Clinton unless Obama changes his perspective and his game plan. So long as Obama seeks to make America as inoffensive as possible and to downplay our own interests and values for the sake of avoiding confrontation, no secretary of state is going to do much better than Hillary Clinton.

4. "Climategate: Al Gore and the politicization of science" Bush's efforts to politicize science were trivial in comparison.

Representative Sample: One of the most disturbing outgrowths of the global warming controversy over the last twenty or so years has been the increased politicization of science.

5. "Commercial espionage" China up to no good.

Representative Sample: MI5 accuses China of bugging and burgling to uncover British trade secrets. Honeytraps, bribery and blackmail are mentioned

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