Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/2/2010

1. "GOP Should Embrace “Party Of ‘No’”" Saying no to Obama and the Democratic Congress is exactly what Republicans should be doing.

Representative Sample: sometimes – in fact, many times – saying “no” to the opposition is not only responsible, it is an absolute necessity. In many cases, given what the ideological opposition attempts to pass into law, it is the job of the minority to say “no”. Bi-partisanship for bi-partisanship’s sake is nonsense.

2. "Beat to Quarters" Applying the principles of Alfred Thayer Mahan to the War on Terror.

Representative Sample: it would be a useful exercise to ask: what would Mahan do if he commanded the War on Terror? Were the same political ‘compromise’ effects at work? And to what extent?

3. "The Oscars of Foreign Policy"I may have to use this as the basis for a post.

Representative Sample: Who would you pick for the best actor of the year? Is Obama holding his own in an unfriendly world, or does the ubiquitous BrazilianPresident Lula deserve an Oscar? Is Muammar Qaddafi's persona just too good tobe true or do you prefer the smooth, suave diplomacy (and wacky domestic antics) of France's Nicholas Sarzoky?

4. "How To Lower Unemployment" Things that aren't going to happen.

Representative Sample: Come on people is it really that hard to figure out how to lower unemployment?

5. "New adhesive device could let humans walk on walls"Amazing invention that will be even more amazing if it leads to practical, affordable applications.

Representative Sample:The rapid adhesion mechanism could lead to such applications as shoes or gloves that stick and unstick to walls, or Post-it-like notes that can bear loads

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