Monday, February 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/15/2010

1. "If The Tree of Global Warming Fell In The Living Rooms of The American Press And No One Reported It Would It Make A Sound?" For some reason the latest major developments are going underreported in the U.S. press. 

Representative Sample: An open request to the British Press. In addition to absolutely kicking the arse of your counterparts in the American unofficially state-run media on the subject of so-called “climate change” – your next story should be about how and why they have ignored this story completely.

2. "India: Terror Returns After Brief Quiescence" Could it be home-grown?

Representative Sample:This blast could be the handiwork of Indian Mujahideen terror group who has definitely a strong base in the city. Remember, the media wing of IM is based in the city. But surprisingly, even though the wing used to alert media with press communiqué before or after the blasts, nobody from IM has taken the responsibility so far.

3. "E. Palo Alto Cop Advocates Killing 2nd Amendment Supporters" Another cop we don't need on anyone's police force.

Representative Sample: If the detective really did say that, he needs to be fired. Perhaps he should try being a little more sensitive to the Second Amendment before trying to hide behind the First. Understand that it is not his opinion that is problematic, but the expressed intention to abuse his authority and desire to kill someone that isn’t breaking the law or endangering others.

4. "Physicists play Lego with photons" Pretty amazing.

Representative Sample: by manipulating a mysterious quantum property of light known as entanglement, they are able to mount up to two photons on top of one another to construct a variety of quantum states of light -- that is, build two-story quantum toy houses of any style and architecture.

5. "Fundamentalists vs. Liberal Christians" I've made some of these points repeatedly. Apparently even some atheists on the left feel the same.

Representative Sample: Religious liberals, as compared with fundamentalists, have no coherent theory or worldview. They are all over the place in picking various bits they like while ignoring the parts they don't care for. This results in an incoherent mosaic of ideas slapped together without any sort of unifying principles. Much like the "New Age" perspectives many Christians love to criticize, liberal religion offers no theory to understand or evaluate.

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