Monday, February 22, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/22/2010

1. "Can Anyone Explain, Including Obama, The Obama Administration’s Policy or Plan’s for Dealing With Iran?" I'm going to take a wild guess and say more empty talk.

Representative Sample: Sooner rather than later the great community organizer himself will have to step up and make a decision, a decision he will be held to. This not going to be like the health care debate were he can blame congress for 90% of whats taken place. Obama will own this issue regardless of his desire not to do so.

2. "Health Summit A Manufactured Political Crisis" Probably an accurate analysis.

Representative Sample: What Obama needs to pass his health care restructuring bill is a good political crisis. One in which he can stand there and proclaim, as he did with the stimulus bill, that we are on the edge of a catastrophe.

3. "There’s Probably No …" Includes an excellent graphic.

Representative Sample: When spelled out in clear friendly letters, even the most credulous of believers can suddenly see the irrationality of their previous ways and have been immediately happy to adopt a more enlightened and scientific worldview.

4. "When the going gets tough, the tough appoint a commission to study ways to solve the problem" Why take responsibility when you can pass the buck?

Representative Sample: What is needed is not yet another commission; what is needed is an absolute [insert slang term for the sphincter here] who doesn’t care whether some people get hurt, but who is willing to cut spending, not with a sharp, little knife, but a half-dull and bloody axe.

5. "Fill'er up -- with algae." Links an interesting article.

Representative Sample: If the claims are true, this might be the first "biofuel" to actually make any economic sense.

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