Sunday, February 21, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/21/2010

1. "What Makes Lefty Run?" Why the left hates and fears the tea party movement.

Representative Sample: The Tea Party front is the worst nightmare of the hard-core Left -- a patriotic, small-government, capitalist popular front. While Tea Partiers are not specifically Republican, leftists realize that GOP leaders (Sarah Palin) and candidates (Scott Brown) are far better positioned to appeal to Tea Partiers than are Democrats

2. "How the Middle East (Often) Thinks: Logic is For The Infidels" We have that sort of thinking here too, but to a much lesser extent.

Representative Sample: If one believes the deity guides the world completely and has set all the rules for human behavior, then all man-made morality, reason or logic are not guides to life or reality but mere illusions.

3. "Who will protect the kids from them?" Christians worried about the supposed threat of gays to children, yet advocating beating kids into submission.

Representative Sample: These Christians say: "The ultimate child motivator is the rod." They say that the smallest infraction should result in a beating with the rod

4. "Metallica in Helmand" Heavy metal and war.

Representative Sample: Most remarkable are the stories of how soldiers and victims of war use heavy metal to deal with the emotional intensity of their experiences. But the spectrum of how metal and battle go together is much broader than that. It reaches from patriotic veneration of military history to outright criticism of war.

5. "US CAIR once again proved connected to terror" One reason people associate Muslims with terrorism is because the most visible Muslim organization in the US is connected to terrorism.

Representative Sample: Muslims in the U.S. are fighting an uphill battle to convince Americans that they are not a hotbed for terrorists. They have an organization that is like a "Union of Muslims" and it's called "The Council on American Islamic Relations" or CAIR, but time and again, it is proved that this organization is itself composed of people connected to Islamic terror.

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