Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colin Powell -- Still Shilling for Obama

Former prominent Republican Colin Powell appeared on Face the Nation today, and continued shilling for Obama, as he did during the campaign. He said he had , "no regrets" about voting for Obama, claimed the president has "done some things that help the country a great deal," and made the amazing statement that "our financial situation is secure now." What country is he living in? Our financial situation is about as insecure as possible, without actually being bankrupt. 

As usual, Powell had only the most mild of criticism for Obama, and rejected Republican attacks on the president. Back in May I wrote a post called, "Colin Powell Pretends He's Still A Republican." Everything I wrote there applies today.

Colin Powell wants to have it both ways. He wants to support Obama and his policies, criticize the GOP constantly, and yet still claim he's a Republican. What are the chances that Powell will support the GOP nominee in 2012? I'm guessing slim to none. He should have the decency to change his registration to independent or Democrat, and stop calling himself a Republican. ... If Powell actually wanted to help the GOP he'd shut up and keep a low profile.
It's pretty clear that Powell no longer has any interest in supporting the GOP. If he did, he wouldn't be on tv giving Obama political cover on multiple issues. Regardless of what he chooses to call himself, or his nominal party affiliation, Colin Powell is now an independent for all intents and purposes. And he's a committed Obama supporter, even after a year of the Obama presidency.  He no longer has a shred of credibility as a Republican.


  1. Keep driving moderate Republicans out of the party. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah, that's a real intelligent comment. As someone who is pro-choice, in favor of amnesty for illegals, pro-gay marriage, and libertarian on most social issues, I am a moderate Republican. No one drove Powell out. He left.