Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/3/2010

1. "Obama Budget Will Increase Your Taxes And Costs" That's pretty much a given if you put Democrats in charge.

Representative Sample:no one is really hiring beyond basic necessity right now. Why? Because of Democrat policies. Companies from tiny to mega-large are in wait and see mode. Cap and trade, health system overhaul, demonization of banks (which lend money, libs) and Wall Street, potential tax increases, potential restrictions and regulations, a president who is flailing all over the map, among others


Representative Sample:"patterns of thought" exercised by the Obama Administration with regard to terrorism are almost always in the direction of maintaining and nurturing the political left's psychological denial--about the very nature of terrorism; the "rights" of terrorists; and the ultimate goals of organizations like Al Qaeda and their Muslim members.

3. "Don’t Underestimate Obama" He may be a weak and ineffective president, but he's a skilled campaigner.

Representative Sample: Now, with Obama entrenching and vowing to continue pushing his liberal, extreme agenda, I suspect that at least for 2010, the GOP will be able to achieve significant electoral gains. If Obama pivots, however, and pulls a Bill Clinton by triangulating after the election, it may be difficult to defeat him in 2012 barring a complete disaster of an economy (which is still quite possible in my mind).

4. "Projective hate"A good way to put it. It's always funny that those on the left with a raving, lunatic hatred of the right, are constantly whining about supposed right-wing hatred and anger.

Representative Sample:The Left is statist. It is anti-Liberty. We need no anger to point that out, just a clear, concise message we need to repeat over and over, with humor as needed.

5. "The Super Bowl vs The State of the Union" Pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: Despite their similarities, the Super Bowl and the State of the Union are still different. After all, one is a venerable American institution with years of history behind it. The other is just a speech.

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