Sunday, February 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/72010

1. "Grow A Pair, Mr. President" Don't hold your breath waiting on that.

Representative Sample: It's become almost a competition within the Obama White House: who can come up with the best way to blame a problem on the preceding administration. The variations on the theme have become cliche's so quickly

2. "Homeland Security Showering Millions In Unnecessary Spending On Local Law Enforcement" It's been doing this sort of thing for awhile now -- helping militarize police forces while wasting money. It's a lose - lose.

Representative Sample: the idea that these communities need bomb robots, let alone SWAT teams, is also a dubious notion.

3. "Jacob Weisberg Is an Idiot" And he works hard to solidify that reputation.

Representative Sample: there’s another major actor in this equation that somehow gets elided in Weisberg’s account, and that is the legacy media, who were so busy shilling for this one-term Senator and presenting him as a secular messiah that they overlooked his strange associations and socialist leanings, his lack of real accomplishment in any department beyond autobiography and general self-promotion

4. "An idea..." Includes very disturbing image.

Representative Sample: If you look at Obama when it's not all planned out for him, it's obvious that the job is kicking his ass. People saw he had talent and appeal and groomed him for office. He never really did have to do hard things, like, er, governing. Voting "present" is not governing.

5. "Won't you please help grow our federal bureaucracies? President Obama wants you to receive your tax refund in Savings Bonds" Big government needs more help to grow bigger.

Representative Sample: starting in 2010, tax refunds could be sent as government savings bonds, rather than as checks. Just mark a box on your return, and *voila!* -- you're helping fund the Democrats' out-of-control deficit spending.

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