Saturday, February 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/6/2010

1. "Majority of Democrats see socialism as positive" Not a surprise.

Representative Sample: I guess we can dispense with all the games and chalking up the socialism charges as nothing more than stereotypical talking points used for political attacks. I’ve always found that its easier to let the horse do the talking — or in this case the donkey — for himself.

2. "The FBI’s New Big Brother Plan"Another example of why there is actually no right to privacy.

Representative Sample: the Federal Bureau of Investigation is at it again. CNET reports that the FBI is working overtime to ensure that Internet service providers (ISPs) will be forced to retain records of their customers’ use of the ‘Net for years after the fact and to make those records available to government agencies to use in criminal investigations.

3. "Wrestling the Initiative from Airpower" From a naval perspective.

Representative Sample: the warfighter now carries much of his own airpower with him. Drones, V/STOL planes, helicopters, precision missiles, all in the decades since the World Wars have not lessened our need for aerial firepower, just made us less dependent on a central, inflexible bureaucracy. In so doing, close air support is less concentrated but more effective.

4. "War in the Future: Satellite Alternatives and More" What would we do if our satellites are destroyed? A look at options.

Representative Sample: Many functions that are currently done with satellites could be performed, for tactical and operational commanders, using near-space assets more cheaply and with greater operational utility.

5. "50 Word Bible"A really abbreviated version.

Representative Sample: A little feature called “50 Word Bible” was tucked away on the last page of a church newsletter.

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