Sunday, February 14, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/14/2010

1. "What Conservatism Is Not" Not Teddy Roosevelt. 

Representative Sample: A big mistake many conservatives make today is to confuse the the means of achieving the progressive vision of society with the ideology of progressivism itself. In part, this can be blamed on the failure of our public education system

2. "What I Would Do If I Were Cheney" Good advice.

Representative Sample: Instead of slamming Obama, I’d answer every question with a quiet smile: “Well obviously rhetoric gets heated on the campaign trail. But President Bush and I are very pleased to see that our successors have recognized the essential rightness of our actions and that they are continuing them in every essential respect.”

3. "The Pending Implosion Of Liberal Socialism" Sounds good, but implosions tend to do a lot of damage.

Representative Sample: For too long, too many have seen government as superior or in competition with ‘the markets’ – in other words the rest of us outside government. Government should be the servant of the people and their markets, not the enemy. We have let government use the bogey of ‘big business’ to ally with ‘big business’ to keep the average people constrained and stagnant.

4. "Infidelaphobia"A much better term than "Islamophobia," which is most often used as a smear against legitimate criticism of Islam.

Representative Sample: Frankly, I've occasionally been an accidental observer of female bottom-shelf events and it's never resulted in thoughts of infidel hygiene and public health risks.

5. "New Punctuation Mark Denotes Sincerity" Pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: A graphic design firm has introduced a new punctuation mark intended to denote expressions of sincerity in a similar way to the use of quotation marks to indicate irony.

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