Thursday, February 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/4/2010

1. "Please Keep Up The Crazy Talk"After eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome, the left is trying to pretend that crazy views are somehow unique to Republicans.

Representative Sample: Keep calling the majority of Americans crazy and dangerous and extremists and "teabaggers." Every time you do it we gain votes.

2. "Do we really need financial advice from Barack Obama?" Maybe if it involves how to borrow an insane amount, spend it all, and then borrow even more.

Representative Sample: when the federal government is bailing out businesses such as GM who have not managed their money well, when state governments are piling up deficits because of the pensions that they have promised public employees, and the President just proposed a budget with the biggest deficits in history, is the head of the federal government really the one who should be giving us financial advice?

3. "Who's murdering Muslims?" Links to a good editorial.

Representative Sample: If a Palestinian civilian dies in the crossfire during a skirmish between Israel and Hamas, the outraged Arab world demands special UN meetings to denounce Israel. But dozens of Arab Shia civilians deliberately blown up by Arab Sunni terrorists? Barely a peep.

4. "Light Airplanes Boost Close Air Support" Lower tech, less expensive aircraft for lower tech problems.

Representative Sample:What is being proposed today is not the COIN aircraft of our grandfathers. Today’s trainers are more powerful and more advanced—with reliable engines, power, speed and size comparable to a World War II fighter, pressurized and air-conditioned cockpits, and zero-zero ejection seats—and take advantage of modern sensors and weapons.

5. "The Milky Way Transit Authority" Navigating our galaxy. Map included.

Representative Sample: Samuel Arbesman, a research fellow from Harvard, created this Milky Way Transit Authority map, which lays out the major points in our Milky Way galaxy in the style of a subway map.

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