Thursday, September 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/10/2009

1. "Why is Afghanistan so hard?" Five major reasons.

Representative Sample: our efforts there are also hampered by some inherent strategic contradictions. In particular, most of the things the United States might do to improve the situation tend to make other aspects of the problem worse. Even if we make progress on one dimension, it tends to set us back in some other way.

2. "Did You Hear the One About Al Qaeda’s Plot to Kill Hillary?" Apparently just not that big of a deal to the media.

Representative Sample: I cannot comprehend the fact that the Secretary of State of the United States of America was the target of a very serious assassination plot – and the MSM had not bothered with the story.

3. "No Victory Through Offshore Balancing" The major problem with such a strategy.

Representative Sample: The strategic use of airpower is about coercion, not victory. Despite all the advances in technology, victory still requires boots on the ground. Granted they do not have to be American boots, but victory is far more likely if they are.

4. "Van Jones: Out of the Commie Closet — Who’s Next?" A call for liberals to come out of the closet. Pretty entertaining.

Representative Sample: I may be the only Jeffersonian Republican to admit this, but former Obama adviser Van Jones should be congratulated. Van Jones has done a great, amazing service for millions of Americans. Van Jones is a hero.

5. "Shorter Obama: More credit please, I won’t be paying for it" With cartoon.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic and a story link.

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