Sunday, September 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/20/2009

1. "Military Impatient With Afghan Strategy" Far from having a strategy, it appears that the administration is more or less just winging it in Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: conflicting messages are drawing increasing ire from U.S. commanders in Afghanistan and frustrating military leaders, who are trying to figure out how to demonstrate that they're making progress in the 12-18 months that the administration has given them.

2. "They will mobilise if we leave…and if we stay" Speaking of Afghanistan... Whatever we do, the enemy will use it for propaganda.

Representative Sample: Militant Islamists are skilled at turning most Western foreign policy behaviour into a propaganda victory and finding ever more reasons to fight. They are not just the result of grievances, they are a movement forever searching for grievances

3. "Obama Criticism Flow Chart" Wondering whether or not your criticism of Obama might be racist? Just consult this handy flow chart.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic. 

4. "There Is No God-Shaped Hole" According to religious apologists, being an unbeliever should leave and emotional void that only God can fill. Evidence suggests otherwise.

Representative Sample: From what we know of human psychology, or from the personal experience of many happy and contented atheists, this is no surprise. But it does provide us with some concrete, rather than anecdotal, data to vanquish the apologists who implausibly claim that, over billions of lives throughout thousands of years of human history, members of their particular sect are the only ones who have the true key to happiness.

5. "Great Gun commercial." This one speaks for itself.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

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