Sunday, September 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/13/2009

1. "A completely bizarre protest that’s based on love of country *UPDATED*" A huge protest in DC without all sorts of anti-Americanism? The difference between right-wing and left-wing protests.

Representative Sample: Here are just a few examples of these neophyte activists who seem to have absolutely no appreciation for the fact that the purpose behind a march on D.C. is to let everyone know how evil America is but. These guys seem weirdly stuck on archaic concepts such as freedom, self-governance, self-reliance, and informed representative government

2. "A Sign For The Times: Democrat Response To Tea Parties In A Nutshell" He pretty much nails it.

Representative Sample: It's a photo.

3. "Friday Photo: What you won't see at a town hall meeting" Let's hope not.

Representative Sample: It's a photo.

4. "Obama’s risky China trade policy" Risky as in really stupid and counterproductive.

Representative Sample: Would seem like we should not annoy a country that we owe that much money to by slapping tariffs on some of their exports, unless of course we owe a bigger debt to someone else who has asked for those tariffs; or more precisely, unless the president owes someone else.

5. "The health care "reformers" go after medical technology" Another reason to block this supposed reform.

Representative Sample: the proposed tax is a calculated effort to divert capital from the medical technology industry to other uses in the economy, because new medical technology drives costs that are now going to be assumed by the government (or at least will be if the Senate leadership gets its way).

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