Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/30/2009

1. "Hands Off Honduras" Excellent article on the Honduran situation.

Representative Sample:The United States government, along with the rest of the Western Hemisphere's governments, is so worked up about returning ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to power that it hasn't thought through the long- or even medium-term consequences of its threats and demands.

2. "The Top 10 Craziest Things Ever Said During a U.N. Speech" I'll bet it was pretty hard to narrow it down to ten.

Representative Sample: ''Were Kennedy not a millionaire, illiterate, and ignorant, then he would obviously understand that you cannot revolt against the peasants.''

3. "Progressive Claptrap" Another area where there's a lot to choose from. But in this case he's talking about leftist nonsense about capitalism.

Representative Sample: the so-called progressives never tire of beating the long-dead horse of capitalism. Are they so ideologically blind that they cannot see how governments at every level have intervened and intervened again until they have displaced or distorted every element of the economic order that might once have contributed to its capitalist character?

4. "UN Human Rights Council obsession with Israel" You'd think attacking Israel was a fundamental part of the UN charter.

Representative Sample: The Goldstone report’s assertion that the Israeli courts cannot be trusted is as dishonest as it is insulting. Israel’s legal system holds its army to account at least as thoroughly as any in the free world. Israeli courts have scrutinised previous military operations, and mistakes or wrongdoing have been punished at the highest levels

5. "ONE HECK OF A HIGH FLYING WOW FACTOR. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS." An amazing accomplishment.

Representative Sample: Must hand it to the guy. Brilliant. I’m looking for words and having trouble I am so overwhelmed. No kidding. I think this has a WOW factor of about a million. Took 11 years and he had to learn another language as well. Talk about determination and enterprise and patience.

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