Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/8/2009

1. "Obama Must Face Reality" I'm not holding my breath waiting.

Representative Sample: The President’s supporters may believe that he is being battered by a fear-mongering right wing. In reality, the President’s ambitions are bumping up against hard realities of American politics — and unless he accommodates those realities, he will fail.

2. "Ah, the racism card you knew was coming" As inevitable as taxation.

Representative Sample: Everyone knew that sooner or later the Obamanians would start playing the race card on the Van Jones controversy. You had a black man who had to resign because of outrage over things he'd said. Of course, it must be all about racism.

3. "Misuse of evolution by creationists: hardwired to believe in God?" Picking and choosing science to support religious beliefs. It happens all the time. A good debunking of a particularly egregious example.

Representative Sample: nothing confuses me more than when evolution-deniers use evolution to prove their point. One of the biggest perpetrators of this is probably the Creation Museum itself, which constantly talks about variation and natural selection and change of genetic frequencies over time...and then claim that it's not evolution, even though that is the definition of evolution.

4. "'The Burqa Is Not a Part of Islam - It Is a Part of Culture'" So says prominent Islamic cleric. 

Representative Sample: Thank you for this clarification. Not a "freedom of expression" issue. Case closed.

5. "DC Health Care Math: 2+2 = 3" And that's a best case scenario. In some cases it's more like 2+2 = 587.

Representative Sample: Until someone provides a rational and coherent plan that costs LESS than the current system why should any tax payer support larger deficits and taxes to simply come back to where we are now?

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