Monday, September 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/28/2009

1. "Obama Concedes American Power For Progressive Utopia" Naivete or worse?

Representative Sample: One could question the naivete of this President as he makes such impotent and utopian comments but the reality is that Obama’s conciliatory remarks are a direct embodiment of his belief that America has for decades been an evil power that did more wrong than right in the world. It has been left to Barack Obama to concede the error of our ways and transform America’s role in the roll of nation’s to that of a weakened power

2. "Tomgram: Ann Jones, Us or Them in Afghanistan?" An interesting first-hand look at what's really going on as we tried to build an Afghan army and security apparatus.

Representative Sample: You have to wonder about the wisdom of rushing out this half-baked product. How would you feel if the police in your community were turned loose, heavily armed, after three weeks of training? And how would you feel if you were given a three-week training course with a rubber gun and then dispatched, with a real one, to defend your country?

3. "Open Thread: Submit Your Deconversion Story" Post yours or read others.

Representative Sample: Are you an atheist who's broken free of religion and wants to tell the world your story? If so, I want to hear from you!

4. "Quasi-Fiction Iran & nuclear weapons.

Representative Sample: It's a series of graphics.

5. "Barack Hussein Obama : Dangerous Naivete ?" Another blogger who thinks Obama's policies go beyond naivete. I'm not sure. I think he really is that clueless and naive about foreign policy.

Representative Sample: Obama's record of offending and snubbing America's allies and cozying up to long time enemies is so unblemished as to constitute a reliable pattern. It is hard to believe that President Obama has not enacted a major realignment in foreign policy.

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