Thursday, September 10, 2009

Libyan Envoy to Iran Comments on My Proposal

In a previous post I advocated striking at radical Islam through the its own religion, in order to "foment conflict within Islamic communities where terrorist recruiting takes place." Libyan envoy Saad Mujbe met today with the Iranian chairman of the "Expediency Council, a clerical body advising the supreme leader." Given what I wrote, a couple of the reported remarks caught my attention.  
Enemies seek to sow religious discord in order to counter Islamic states
That sounds like a good idea. The two officials agreed that
Iran and Libya must cooperate to ensure their common enemies do not propagate religious friction as a weapon against Islamic states
"Religious friction" as a weapon. We should look into it.


  1. Umm . . . I'd be okay with that, except it seems like that would just move the killing to other Muslims instead of us, and it's the killing I'm against, not the Muslims.

  2. I'm in favor of killing our enemies. If we can encourage other Muslims to do it for us, so much the better.

    Muslims as a whole aren't our enemies, but there are significant elements within the religion who are. There are also other elements who do not provide active support for radicals, but who either passively support or tolerate them. Inspiring greater hostility between majority Muslims, and the radical minority should work to our benefit.