Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/22/09

1. "The Left’s Suicidal Anti-American Impulses On Foreign Policy" Harsh, but still pretty accurate.

Representative Sample: When it comes to foreign policy, liberals are like sheep who have a desperate need to find a wolf and bare their throat to him. You can see a great example of this in Honduras, where Barack Obama is essentially trying to engineer a Soviet style coup to replace a friendly democracy with a socialist dictator who’ll be implacably hostile to the United States.

2. "“The” Scientific Method" Why are engineers overrepresented among scientists who disbelieve evolution?

Representative Sample: The problem comes from assuming that there is one scientific method, or a limited set of methods by which science is done. I know that referring to “the” scientific method is often nothing but a convenient shorthand, not meant to be an accurate description, but it may also reflect an inherent bias. The reality, rather, is that there is a host of methods that various disciplines use under the broad umbrella of science.

3. "President Is Losing Credibility – Fast" And he didn't have much to start with.

Representative Sample: Between being bullied by the liberals in Congress and bullied on the world stage, this young and inexperienced administration is seen more and more as in over its head, and losing credibility fast.

4. "Chicom AFV review" Links to a good look at Chinese armored fighting vehicles.

Representative Sample: It's a series of photos & descriptions.

5. "The "yuck factor"" An interesting idea and a look at why it isn't palatable for many.

Representative Sample: One of those arguments is that the animals we eat are often raised under inhumane conditions where they suffer pain and psychological stress. If we can genetically eliminate pain and stress, then one of the main arguments against meat eating disappears. The logic is impeccable.

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