Thursday, September 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/17/2009

1. "The Utlimate Democratic Failure" Democrats can't even convince liberal Republicans to support their flawed health care reform proposals.

Representative Sample: Baucus' failure to get even one of his three Finance Committee pals to go along with his "bipartisan compromise" augurs badly for the Democrats' ability to pick up even a single Republican in the full Senate to gain the 60 votes required for cloture

2. "80% of New Yorkers Must Be Racist" If we go by a left-wing definition of racism.

Representative Sample: New York Governor David Paterson’s approval rate is an abysmal 20%. That must mean that 80% of New Yorkers are racist, at least if your listening to the left’s new narrative..

3. "Are Religious Extremists the Only True Believers?" That's an overstatement, but he has a point.

Representative Sample: Perhaps the real difference between a religious moderate and an extremist is that the extremists consistently behaves as if he or she really believes his or her religion to be true.

4. "Jimmy Carter Opens Mouth, Removes All Doubt" I was going to write something about Carter, but this pretty much covers it. 

Representative Sample: Not content with being America's Worst President, Jimmy Carter has achieved a two-fer by becoming America's worst ex-president. Doing his best to poison American politics while drawing attention to himself

5. "Russia Surpasses Saudi Arabia" The new king of oil.

Representative Sample: Russia has surpassed Saudi Arabia in energy exports for years, thanks to its large exports of natural gas. Now it even surpasses Saudi Arabia in terms of oil exports alone.

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