Monday, September 14, 2009

One of the Innumerable Examples of Why I Strongly Support the Death Penalty

From the UK comes the account of 20-year old Robert Tozer. Three weeks after being released from prison after serving time for assault (2nd offense), Tozer entered the home of 85-year old neighbor Joan Charlton, beat her viciously with a bottle in search of money, tried to set her on fire, and left her to die from her injuries. He was just sentenced to life in prison. We know a life sentence doesn't actually mean life in many cases in the U.S., what about in Britain?

Tozer, who admitted murder and burglary, must serve a minimum of 22 years, less the 90 days he spent on remand.
This guy essentially tortured a helpless old woman to death for money, yet he could conceivably be released from prison at age 42. That sounds like justice, doesn't it? Tozer admits his crime. There's no question about his guilt. He should be immediately executed. There is simply no reason to keep such a person alive, let alone risk having him kill or injure others in prison, or eventually return to society to possibly kill someone else. It's now fashionable in many countries -- and some U.S. states -- to pretend that abolishing the death penalty is a new hallmark of civilization. But preserving the lives of human garbage like Tozer isn't civilized, it's stupidity. And if he kills again, a legal system that elevates the lives of criminals above the lives of their victims will be partially responsible.

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