Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/1/2009

1. "Emasculating American Intelligence" Good article from Max Boot. It's a serious response to one of Sullivan's latest hysterical ravings.

Representative Sample: I am not offended by the authorized techniques laid out in the CIA inspector general’s report—techniques such as sleep deprivation, shackling, and on a few occasions waterboarding, all of it carefully supervised by medical personnel so as not to cause physical harm.

2. "Who Do You Trust More, Obama, or the CIA?" Not a hard question.

Representative Sample: Intelligence is the way wars are won. Yes, our combat forces put their lives on the line in the heat of combat but the intelligence services provide the information upon which the war plans are based. Without intelligence our combat forces would not know where the enemy is and what the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses are, where his supplies and war making material is coming from, etc., etc.

3. "Facts Are NOT Anti-Religious" Really good title. Good post too.

Representative Sample:if their religious beliefs conflict with the conclusions of science, that’s their problem. They can deal with the cognitive dissonance any way they like, but they cannot impose it upon secular society

4. "Will's Afghani Analysis, Kagan's Response" Point & counterpoint.

Representative Sample:Whatever may happen in Afghanistan, counter-insurgency theory does not call for the deployment of hundreds of thousands of coalition forces for decades.

5. "List of Forbidden Rock Bands in the USSR in 1985" Interesting piece of history. Check out the bands the USSR felt were particularly dangerous.

Representative Sample: a translated list of Western rock bands that Soviet Komsomol (a Communist Party for young people) singled out for deletion from the list of permissible music to be played at Soviet dance clubs, due to their "ideologically harmful compositions."

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