Monday, September 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/21/09

1. "Foreign Policy: Good Will = Nothing. Surprise!" A good round-up of Obama's foreign policy ineffectiveness.

Representative Sample: Who doesn’t prefer to negotiate with someone who wants to be your best friend, so that they can clean your clock before you realize what hit you? I take that back, liberals didn’t see it coming and they never do.

2. "PrisonCare" Government health care managment in action. California government this time.

Representative Sample: over the last eight years, costs for California's single-payer prison health care system -- controlled by Democrats for decades and heavily laced with unions at every level of government -- have increased more than four times

3. "ACORN, Kanye West and the Hierarchy of Multiculturalism"A theory that makes a fair amount of sense.

Representative Sample: Political correctness has been slowly rotting the establishment media to its core, to the point where few professional journalists would dare launch a serious investigation into the exalted Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. Why? Simple: according to the tenets of political correctness, the racial makeup of the communities being “organized” automatically confers the presumption of moral superiority upon ACORN.

4. "When is a tax increase not a tax increase?" Calling taxes by other names is a penchant of government at all levels.

Representative Sample: When Obama says it isn’t, that’s when. In Obama’s new order, you will be mandated to purchase health insurance whether you believe you need it or not. If you don’t buy insurance, the IRS will forcibly collect funds from you to cover your insurance.

5. "Anti-Jediism." Jedi claiming discrimination just like Muslims.

Representative Sample: Daniel Jones, founder of the religion inspired by the Star Wars films, says he was humiliated and victimised for his beliefs following the incident at a Tesco store

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