Friday, September 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/4/2009

1. "American Public Schools and History" Not a pretty picture.

Representative Sample: Students know a few bare minimum things about WWII, what can be gleaned from dumbed-down, turgidly written, textbooks that are long on glossy pictures and short on engaging prose, plus what they might catch on the History Channel which is seldom short of Nazi-related documentaries. It is unsurprising that most high school students are ignorant of their own nation’s history

2. "LEFTISTS OF A FEATHER..." Flocking to to peck at Honduras.

Representative Sample: more evidence that Obama is not only "palling around" with terrorists, but that, like the incompetent and hapless Jimmy Carter, Obama has never met a leftist tyrant or dictator he didn't like; and who he hasn't in his brief reign also encouraged and enabled.

3. "Lessons lost?" Some really good points. Painfully learned lessons from military history that don't get much attention in modern military manuals.

Representative Sample: A proper military leader training & education should also include all relevant knowledge for rather pessimistic scenarios. An encirclement can happen even to previously very successful formations - as for example during a deep penetration.

4. "Obama retreating from the public option? Don’t you believe it!" Someone with a good handle on Obama's methods.

Representative Sample: whenever a consensus develops opposing anything Obama favors, within 72 hours of the consensus developing he will announce he either no longer wants the thing OR that he is the personification of reason and compromise over the thing — whatever “the thing” du jour is.

5. "More From White House "Green Jobs" Czar Van Jones" Why is this nutcase occupying a government position? Another great reflection on Obama's judgment.

Representative Sample: If you have any question about the agenda of White House "Green Jobs" Czar and self-proclaimed communist Van Jones, take a listen to this talk he gave in April 2008

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