Friday, September 25, 2009

No Surprise in Iran

Wow, Iran has a secret nuclear facility. Who would have guessed? Anyone with the slightest clue has known for years that Iran is attempting to create the capability to produce nuclear weapons. Of course they are concealing aspects of their nuclear program for obvious reasons. Yet we've had to endure a parade of useful idiots telling us that maybe Iran really does just want peaceful nuclear power. We can talk to them. We can make a deal.  You know, all the other nonsense regularly put forth by the appeasement crowd. Will this new "revelation" finally convince them to abandon their naivete and wishful thinking? Will they wake up and understand that the regime in Tehran can't be trusted to abide by any agreement? Probably not. 

An article in the LA Times notes that during the presidential primaries, Hilary Clinton called Obama's position on Iran and other rogue states "irresponsible" & "naive," clear evidence that Clinton has been right at least once on foreign policy. The writer also points out the responses of Obama, Sarkozy, and Brown to the formerly secret nuclear facility. Here's Obama,

Obama warned that unless Iran acts immediately, punishment will be swift. "Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow," he said.
I'm sure that got a big laugh in Iran. Our enemies aren't scared of the president in the slightest -- and for good reason. Next up, Sarkozy.  
"everything must be put on the table," and that if by December Iran has not reformed, sanctions will be imposed.
No! Not sanctions! No doubt the mullahs are quaking in their robes. And then there is Gordon Brown.
"the international community must draw a line in the sand."
Translation: we are going to do what we do best -- talk.


  1. You know, I have a friend in Iran. Her name is Sarah. The Iranian people are, well, people. They don't deserve Ahmadinejad, and they certainly don't deserve war. Hopefully, cool heads prevail on both sides.

  2. I don't think there will be a war any time in the near future, barring a major change in the situation. I think the most likely war scenario is an Israeli preemptive strike, but I'd bet against that happening.

    The Iranian people may suffer though if significant sanctions are imposed. Sanctions are pretty worthless at accomplishing their intended goals, but they are pretty effective at causing misery for ordinary people.