Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Notable Religious Idiocy

Reverend Rusty Lee Thomas of Waco, Texas has a new book out on "Biblical leadership." According to Thomas, President Obama is God's way of punishing America for its sins. Seriously.

He is a sign of God's judgment and displeasure upon a nation that is gone a whoring after other gods and the vain philosophies of men. Obama is God's ex-ray into the heart of our nation.
Thomas thinks that because we are tolerating those evil homosexuals, and permitting abortion, that God is chastising the U.S. with "tyranny" under Obama.
America is being subject to tyranny and unjust laws as a consequence of our idolatry. Thus, Obama has become the head of a new idolatrous cult, otherwise known as the federal government."
And there's more!
Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Nazism, which crush freedom and promote tyranny, all have as their foundational premise the vain philosophies of atheism and evolution."
Wow, how many times have we heard this nonsense about atheism -- although he threw in evolution to make it even more ridiculous. None of those ideologies are founded on atheism. Communism promotes atheism because loyalty to a god or religion undermines central control. Atheism is certainly not the "foundational premise." Fascism & Nazism are not atheistic at all. The Nazis did not ban religion, cooperated with various religious organizations, and went after the ones that opposed the regime. Hitler was about control and obedience (among many other things), not atheism.

Unlike what Thomas believes, fascism can be overtly religious in nature, or closely aligned with religion. Defense of Catholicism was a core component of Franco's regime in Spain. And socialism takes many forms, some of which are quite compatible with religious belief.  Thomas comes off like a raving lunatic, with his talk of Obama as a "tyrant," and his ridiculous assertion that the Obama presidency is punishment from God.

I'm not a fan of Obama and his policies. But he's just a liberal president. He'll be gone in four to eight years. He's not a tyrant, a dictator, or punishment from Thomas' imaginary deity. The guy can't even ram through a health care bill with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. He's far from a tyrant. I know it's too much to ask of someone whose analysis is based on religious idiocy, but it would be nice if people like Thomas got a basic grip on reality.


  1. What exactly is an "ex-ray" and how does one make use of it?

  2. I was wondering that too. It must be one of God's superpowers, since it isn't an ordinary x-ray.