Thursday, September 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/24/09

1. "No More Allies" Another look at some of the dangerous nonsense in Obama's UN speech.

Representative Sample: a straightforward explication of a worldview that seeks to redefine international relations along frighteningly utopian lines. It is a glimpse into the ideological stew that has produced the dangerous real-world policies toward our one-time allies that we now see unfolding everywhere.

2. "Bjorn Lomborg talks about climate change policy" A rational approach to climate change? That would be something new.

Representative Sample:  the globe is in a warming trend and that humans are contributing to this. However, instead of running around like a gaggle of headless chicken-littles, they ask that we have a careful look at the consequences and not jump into stupid policy.

3. "Email Of The Day" Links to an entertaining yet all too realistic video from the ACLU.

Representative Sample: it's a video.

4. "White House Strategy Transcript" Secret White House plans revealed.

Representative Sample: Deep inside the White House, in a bunker that hasn't been used since the Johnson administration, Barack Obama and his most trusted aids are gathering together to guide their sinister plan for World domination!

5. "Nuclear Deterrence, Except on Weekends" British incoherence.

Representative Sample: Only Gordon Brown has the strategic vision to believe the nine-to-five working schedule applies to nuclear deterrence. The only way a SSBN is a successful capability is if it is always deployed, and never used. If a country can't meet those two criteria, then you don't have an actual strategy for SSBNs.

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