Friday, September 4, 2009

Joe Klein, Clueless as Ever

Joe Klein, who writes at Time's Swampland blog, is horrified that people think Obama has put communists in the government:  

I was at a Blanche Lincoln town hall meeting in Russellville, Arkansas, yesterday--and the number of people who believe that the President has larded the government with communists (!) was astonishing.

Hey Joe, could that be because Obama actually did appoint someone who was a self-proclaimed communist in the 1990s to one of his czar positions? Oh no, it's because of Glen Beck and Republican " slinging of garbage." That's pretty funny coming from someone who writes garbage on a regular basis. Klein says that beliefs that Obama has put communists into the government are "vomitous, disgraceful notions." Putting someone with a communist background, who is also a truther in the government -- no problem. Complaining about it? "Vomitous" and "disgraceful." That's liberal "logic" in action.

"Could I just say that the intensity of this getting pretty scary...and dangerous? We are heading toward a cliff and the usual brakes of civil discourse are not working"

What's scary is that anyone actually believes Klein's propaganda. And Klein talking about "civil discourse" is the height of hypocrisy.

I'm usually not one to panic or be overly worried about the state of our country--even when we do awful things like invade Iraq and torture people, we usually right our course before long--but I have a sinking feeling about where we're headed now. I hope I'm wrong.
Oh please. What a whining idiot. 

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