Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Ten Reasons President Obama Isn't Quite as Bad as He Appears

1. Believes in killing terrorists -- even if only in Afghanistan & Pakistan

2. Supports Big Tobacco by smoking.

3. Once authorized the killing of a pirate.

4. Appointed multiple tax evaders to high office. Shows at least some independence from the liberal love of taxes -- or it could just be hypocrisy.

5. Isn't actually a communist, just a big government liberal -- still bad, but not quite as bad.

6. Is donating all the proceeds from his best selling books to charity, to help some people get health insurance -- ha, just kidding about that one.

7. He's not Nancy Pelosi.

8. He's just crippling the CIA, not shutting it down entirely -- at least for now.

9. Hasn't actually surrendered to anyone yet -- just done a lot of unnecessary apologizing.

10.Two words: President Biden. Here's hoping nothing happens to Obama.


  1. President Biden is definitely a scary prospect.

  2. Great top ten list! Very funny stuff. #5 was my favorite, I think there are some definite socialist undertones to the policy's being made by this administration. You can post this list to my site and link back to this blog.

  3. Thanks. I put the list on your site.

  4. He didn't authorize the killing of that pirate. Obama ordered that all steps to preserve the lives of the pirate be taken and only if it was necessary to keep them from killing the hostages.
    The Navy commander in charge of the SEALS made the decision to kill the scum pirate.
    Obama was trying to not have him killed.
    Of course, Obama took credit when the public showed approval of the killing. If the public had not liked it, then Obama would have had the SEALS brought up on charges of murder.