Monday, September 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/14/2009

1. "Soggy Cereal" The constant ridiculous racism accusations have already gotten old, and we haven't even made it through one year of Obama's presidency.

Representative Sample: If disagreeing with Obama Care makes you a racist today, will you stop being a racist two years from now when you disagree with, say, taxing the living daylights out of the oil industry? If the premise is that opponents are racists, then the only way for opponents to stop being racists is ... is ... is what?

2. "The Spending Virus" All government programs expand like the spread of a virus.

Representative Sample: every politician attending Obama’s address knows that he was indeed lying when he said his proposed government health-care plan would not cover illegal aliens. Of course it will. Anyone who tells you otherwise is insulting your intelligence..

3. "Is the word god just a placeholder for the question mark?" A look at deism, and why many who might have been deists in the past are now agnostics or atheists.

Representative Sample: Deism was very common among the thinking men of the Age of Enlightenment for whom the complete rejection of concept of God was a bit too much, even if they rejected Christianity, especially because before Darwin they did not have a good explanation for the existence of human race.

4. "Evolution of US Global Confrontation with the Jihadists since 9/11" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample:The dichotomy within the US government regarding the so-called War on Terror had caused strategic shortcomings. Later, we understood that the American offensive was slowed and halted by the combined forces of appeasers and oil lobbies and by the sheer fear of wider war.

5. "Police Can Legally Take Your Blood Without Warrant" Which also means your DNA.

Representative Sample:  Most people can be found guilty of something on paper if enough data were provided. But that isn’t the whole story. Where does the line get drawn on freedom?.

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