Saturday, September 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/26/2009

1. "Is the Left-Wing Hoping for Violence?" I doubt it.  It's probably just hysteria.

Representative Sample: In the absence of any actual right-wing plots being uncovered, why do left-wing politicians and bloggers keep playing the violence card? Are they hoping for some idiot to do something stupid so that they can use it for political purposes?

2. "'Village' of white German al-Qaeda insurgents discovered" Apparently there aren't enough terrorists in the Middle East. They need to import some from Europe.

Representative Sample:  Muslims from Britain, Sweden, and now Germany are reportedly fighting against NATO troops in Afghanistan. Recently investigators have discovered a village in Waziristan, near the Afghan border, which is full of white muslim converts.

3. "What Did the President Know?" Come on now. Why should we expect reality to deter Obama from his wishful thinking?

Representative Sample: Disclosure of the Qom facility suggests that Tehran selected its course long ago. That reality begs some rather inconvenient questions, for the current and previous occupant of the White House. Exactly when did we discover the Qom complex, determine its function and elect to persist with pointless diplomatic efforts?

4. "Ralph Peters’ Very, Very Bad Advice" I link Peters frequently, along with those who view Afghanistan in similar fashion. Here's someone who strongly disagrees.

Representative Sample: The reality is that General McChrystal is trying to implement the only strategy that will work in Afghanistan, and that is a counterinsurgency strategy. Anything else — including the so-called counterterrorism strategy — all but guarantees the collapse of the Afghan government while ensuring the continued and indefinite presence of al-Qaeda in neighboring Pakistan.

5. "Can I Get a Homeopathic Remedy Instead of a Malaria Inoculation?"An interesting exchange with a homeopathic retailer.

Representative Sample: the question I was wondering was, would a homeopathic retailer be prepared to write a prescription for a homeopathic anti malaria remedy to a random customer who came in off the street wanting to use the remedy in place of conventional science based medicine.

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  1. UNRR,
    Check out Michael Gerson's piece on Obama's narcissistic UN speech. Dammit, for some reason i can't post the link here. It's on the Wash Post called 'All about Obama' and its at I think one of the most unreported stories about Obama is just how self-absorbed he is and how this translates to his belief that he by himself has made America good again. I know all President's and politicians are tremendously conceited, but Obama transcends this by portraying America's past as dark and he as the only way to a bright future. This narcissism explains why he keeps trying to push the public option and major health care overall even though it's pretty clear that the country is not for it.

    He knows what is best for us. We are bad and he will make us good again.

  2. "He knows what is best for us. We are bad and he will make us good again."

    That's a common liberal belief. But yes, Obama does seem to really think he's on a higher level. He appears to be someone who believes his own propaganda.