Sunday, September 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/27/2009

1. "Why Should We Trust This Administration?" Good question.

Representative Sample: I’ve heard this administration talk about fiscal restraint. I can’t deny that. Still, I haven’t seen anything that can be viewed as proof that this administration is serious about getting spending under control.

2. "Wanted: Defender of American Interests" You'll have to wait for a new administration.

Representative Sample:  Obama plainly embodies that mindset of liberal elites. America is flawed. America has no distinct message or values, and its interests are entitled to no more weight than Belgium’s or Cuba’s. It’s wrongheaded to assert our national interests. We should be seeking consensus and righting the great wrongs that America has done to other nations.

3. "Good Medicine For Little UAVs" Medical technology adapted for use on UAVs.

Representative Sample:A team of U.S. Navy engineers and scientists in the Weapons Division here modified an arcane medical technology to produce highly accurate Video Correlation Targeting.

4. "What if author bios were brutally honest?" Pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: Augustine Cornington has been teaching at an obscure state school for two decades, lying in the tall grass, waiting for her archnemesis to make a mistake in print. This book review is her chance to completely eviscerate him. 

5. "Happiness and Purpose Without God" Belief in God not necessary for either.

Representative Sample: atheists feel pretty much the same as everybody else. We feel happy and sad, excited and bored, nervous and peaceful, ashamed and proud, lonely and connected, horny and disgusted, transcendent and confused and small and breathless.

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