Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HOT5 Daily 9/23/09

1. "Peace Process or War Process?" The "peace process" farce and some better suggestions for U.S. policy.

Representative Sample: three points: that past Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have failed; that their failure resulted from an Israeli illusion about avoiding war; and that Washington should urge Jerusalem to forego negotiations and return instead to its earlier and more successful policy of fighting for victory.

2. "Freedom=slavery" Laughing at a left-wing attempt to argue that the left should "reclaim" freedom.

Representative Sample:  Keep telling yourself how “free” you are next time you strap on your government-mandated seat belt to drive your heavily regulated automobile to a garage sale that’s been federally-inspected and sanctioned, or flush your government-approved toilet — the necessary two or three times.

3. "Torpedo Boats In The Solomons Campaign: Littoral Warfare" Interesting historical article.

Representative Sample: the PT boats suffered early from a lack of numbers, lack of radar and faulty torpedoes. Whether they could have sunk more ships will never be known. What is known is that their crews were brave men who undertook a challenging task and did it as well as their equipment allowed them to.

4. "A good argument against mandatory minimum sentences"Short but to the point. Burress' sentence is ridiculous overkill-- and I'm an Eagles fan.

Representative Sample: two years in jail - more than Michael Vick got for sadistic animal abuse.

5. "Why Honduras needs a nuclear weapons program" The Obama administration: spineless toward our enemies, tough on our friends.

Representative Sample: It's clear that to get any respect from the Obama administration, a nation has to brutally suppress demonstrators, illegally pursue a nuclear weapons program (preferably both), or place nuclear weapons next to staunch allies (

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