Tuesday, April 20, 2010

African Joint Anti-Terror Force

Four African nations, Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Niger are creating a joint anti-terrorist commando force to oppose Al Qaeda activities in the Sahara. Libya, Burkina-Faso, and Chad are also associated with this effort, which appears to be an Algerian initiative.
the joint anti-terrorism force will be set up already next week and headquartered in Tamanrasset. Formally named the "Joint operational military committee," the joint command will include officers from all the seven Saharan-Sahelian countries. ... the aim of the joint command will be to fight terrorism in the vast region. It is in particular a group claiming to be attached to al Qaeda that is causing concern in the Sahara desert, standing behind several hostage-taking operations and attacks on isolated military posts.
There aren't any details available, so it's unclear whether this is a serious anti-terrorism effort, or just a hollow agreement that will accomplish nothing. But if these states can put together a force to kill Al Qaeda terrorists, more power to them.

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