Saturday, April 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/24/2010

1. "Dunces In DC Don’t Comprehend The Word “Cut”" They prefer tax & spend.

Representative Sample: Democrats think Americans need hand holding. The fact is Democrats are the ones in need. They need to feel superior, they need to feel like they are the ones providing for the needy. And so they take our money and waste it on stupid ideas to fulfill their delusions of saving the planet and humanity from its incompetent and evil core self.

2. "This Week at War: Do We Still Need Special Ops?" Yes.

Representative Sample: What exactly is unconventional warfare? The U.S. military's special operations warriors have struggled with the definition for decades. To some, unconventional warfare encompasses the entire gamut of activities off the traditional battlefield, including support for foreign militaries, support for friendly guerillas, and behind-the-lines reconnaissance and raiding. Doctrinal purists object to this notion.

3. "Sci-Fi Sexy Time: All-Time Hottest Robots" The top 10.

Representative Sample: This past weekend's FIRST Robotics competition (congrats to all of the talented kids) got us into a machine kind of mood, and one mention of BSG's Number Six was all it took for the birth of this list: The All-Time Hottest Robots.

4. "The problem with identity politics is that humans defy simple classifications" Interesting essay.

Representative Sample: People are not labels. They are the giant sum of their parts, their interests, and their values. I have good friends who are gay conservatives, and I even know some Jewish conservatives. I know Asians who are slackers. These people are who they are, not what they are.

5. "A new international sign" Inspired by President Obama.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

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