Monday, April 26, 2010

Another False Analogy from the Left

The use of false analogies has long been a staple of left-wing argumentation, almost as important as smear tactics. But occasionally you see one that is outrageously idiotic, even for a logically-challenged leftist. Such is the case over at Balloon Juice, in a post called, "Who’s being naive now?" According to DougJ, the South Park situation involving Revolution Islam happens "in some form, every day on every show on television." Really? I guess we missed all those death threats that regularly force people not to show certain things on tv. But for clueless leftist DougJ, radical Islamic death threats are somehow equivalent to "complaints."
here’s a partial list of people who lost their jobs for not being sufficiently psyched about Operation Iraqi Freedom: Bill Maher, Ashleigh Banfield, Phil Donahue. NBC wouldn’t rebroadcast the clip of Sinead O’Connor tearing up a picture of the pope. ... When it happens because of right-wing American complaints, it’s called family values or patriotism. When it happens because of Muslim complaints, it’s called censorship.
Let's pretend that DougJ is correct about why those people lost their jobs. How is losing your job because you offended advertisers, the viewing audience, or network executives somehow equivalent to threatening people with death if they show certain images during a television show? Are peaceful protests, boycotts and other non-violent acts against things you find offensive the same as issuing death threats to enforce your demands? Is Balloon Juice run by complete imbeciles without a shred of logical reasoning ability, or is this just another typical, intellectually dishonest attempt to draw false equivalence between radical Muslim extremists and right-wing Americans?


  1. Ha. Did that writer even watch the south park episode. Jesus was made to look so ridiculous, cursing his own name and watching porn. Buddha was shown snorting coke. I don't recall hearing about any Christian or Buddhist 'complaints' featuring threats to the lives of show's creators.

  2. Nations, cultures, common weals exist to nurture & protect their citizens. Censorship of sedition is good. It counters the destructiveness of negative awakenings.

    Censorship of a foreign culture (Islam) is good for the West. If Islam wishes to improve Islam, let them do it in Mecca, not Cleveland.