Friday, April 2, 2010

Superstition Kills

As if we needed more evidence, consider this story out of Guyana. A 14 year old girl got sick and started having convulsions. Neighbors came to help. Did they take her to the hospital, or to see a doctor? No.
a local pastor convinced them she was suffering from demonic possession. After trying to cast out the demons at her home, the grandmother carried her to a church, where the pastor and aides rubbed or pounded or her stomach and had her drink lime juice.
By the time she finally got to the hospital it was too late. She died.

The article I linked contains this statement.
It was not clear why the girl was not taken to a doctor earlier.
Well, if you think someone is possessed by a demon, why would you take her to a doctor? Hospitals aren't noted for their treatment of demon possession. They tend to rely on evidence-based medicine instead.

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