Thursday, April 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/1/2010

1. "Morning Bell: Don’t Fall For Obama’s Energy Shell Game" Dissecting Obama's deceptive announcement about new drilling.

Representative Sample: if anything, the policies announced by President Obama yesterday will actually decrease and delay future U.S. oil production. The President actually canceled four lease sales off the Alaska coast that were planned to begin producing oil within the next two years, delayed a planned lease off Virginia until at least 2012, and placed some areas off limits for at least seven years.

2. "High-Ranking U.S. Official: Enemies? Islamists? Revolutionaries? We Don't See Anyone Like That!" The administration and Syria.

Representative Sample:What could one sentence spoken by a high-ranking U.S. official prompt a brilliant pro-Western Arab intellectual to go ballistic and say the following: “How could America be governed and represented by such blazing idiocy? How is that possible? It's a parallel universe, I'm convinced. The biggest threat, I maintain, to global security is not terrorism. It's stupidity.”

3. "I don’t reject your god." Unfortunately it is necessary to keep repeating this point, since many theists just don't get it.

Representative Sample:The problem with religious apologetics using the definition of the word atheism as meaning “one who rejects god(s)” is that it implies that atheists actually believe god(s) exist, which is not the case.

4. "A thought on gun control" Just as stupid in Afghanistan as it is here. 

Representative Sample:So a question for the gun grabbers: how will painting a bright, red bullseye on the back of the peaceable citizens help rid the country of violence?

5. "Anatomy Of An LRA Raid" Interesting look at a operation of the murderous Lords Resistance Army.

Representative Sample: The BBC has uncovered evidence of 321 people killed in a border raid by the Lords Resistance Army last december. The BBC story outlines the tragic massacre and the inability of the UN forces to protect the population. However, what caught my eye was this map detailing the raid

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