Thursday, April 22, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/22/2010

1. "The Left Is Grouchy" When isn't it? But this is about the current situation.

Representative Sample: Health-care reform seems to have aggravated as many as it pleased. (”A fight over whether federal funds could be used to pay for abortion tied up the bill and split the party, which has been a strong supporter of abortion rights but now has a significant wing opposed to abortion.”) And without the public option, many on the Left are as angry as those on the Right that Big Insurance now gets enriched as a result of a liberal president’s signature issue.

2. "No Instinct for the Jugular" The GOP. The funny thing is, that many on the left say the exact same types of things about the Democratic party.

Representative Sample: If there is one thing that has become clear to me after almost 50 years in Republican politics, it is that Republicans have no instinct for the jugular. Professional Democrats always play hardball and do not take prisoners. Most Republican politicians, especially those in leadership positions, have some need to be loved or if not loved at least to be approved of. These types just cannot handle rejection and this causes them to roll over and be complete wusses rather than be labeled by Democrats and the media as anything negative.

3. "China love" Excellent points about admiration of China.

Representative Sample: We're hearing a lot about China's capitalist success, and they are succeeding while still maintaining authoritarian control. We're not hearing about the negatives of authoritarian control, so much, as we're hearing a cautious explanaton how the Chinese governent is managing the plan and moving ahead of America. No one prominent has come straight out and recommended authoritarian control in America, but the implications are that America has to find a way to give government more control over our Plan.

4. "China's strategic pork reserve" Speaking of China, it appears that we have a pork gap.

Representative Sample: there are over 446 million pigs in China. That's one for every three people and more than the next 43 pork producing countires combined!

5. "Execution in Ohio" Good riddance.

Representative Sample: Here's a good one for all you death penalty foes. Serial rapist and murderer Darryl Durr was executed in Ohio yesterday for the kidnap, rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. Durr's lawyers were arguing for a reprieve on the grounds that Durr would likely suffer a violent allergic reaction to the lethal injection.

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