Saturday, April 17, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/17/2010

1. "Obama’s Syrian Policy Collapses" Unfortunately, not a surprise.

Representative Sample: what did we gain by waving off the Israelis? Another dollop of contempt. We have conveyed — both to Syria and its Iranian partner — that we will not respond to provocation and, in fact, will restrain Israel from doing so. In a neat package we have all the elements of Obama’s foolish and dangerous Middle East policy

2. "One in Five Hundred" One reason why it is so difficult to keep secrets secret.

Representative Sample: It's a little-known, but disturbing fact: from the mid-1990s until the middle of this decade, the Justice Department conducted more than 600 investigations into the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. All of those inquiries had something else in common, too. Not a single one resulted in the prosecution or conviction of individuals suspected of leaking classified data.

3. "An Accumulation and Amplification of Doubts"A good analysis of why the resurrection is almost certainly a myth -- even leaving aside the whole problem that people don't come back to life after they die.

Representative Sample: the cumulative effect of all of these layers of doubt is to undermine our confidence that the resurrection really occurred. The Lourdes effect alone is sufficient to lead us to reject the historical resurrection claim. There is a staggering burden of proof facing anyone defending the historical case for Jesus. And it will not be met with the paltry provisions of the Bible.

4. "What's the (dark) matter? Physicist Peter Fisher says we may not know for 10 years" Interesting article.

Representative Sample: maybe people just want to know what the heck makes up the vast majority of the universe, a question to which science has provided only sketchy answers.

5. "Lessons From Hybrid Wars: The IDF in Lebanon and Gaza" The full paper is available as a free PDF download at the RAND link.

Representative Sample:The most significant realization among the IDF in the wake of Lebanon, Johnson said, was that hybrid wars cannot be decided with stand-off precision firepower. Putting troops on the ground, backed by close air support, is absolutely necessary.

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