Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burglar Tortured For Information

A Spokane, Washington man stole some valuables from an apartment belonging to his drug dealer. Bad idea. The dealer and two of his friends kidnapped him in an effort to retrieve the stolen property. Did they build a rapport, use non-coercive measures, and do all the things that some would have you believe are the only ways to obtain accurate information in an interrogation? No. They left him in this condition.
Firefighters found Cole walking near the Palouse Highway and Valley Chapel Road with a broken nose, concussion and wounds “all about his head and body,” ... The assault charge alleged the men inflicted harm “which by design did cause such pain or agony as to be the equivalent of that produced by torture.”
I guess they didn't find any of their stolen property, if you believe the people who think torture can't work to obtain accurate information.
The suspects are accused of dragging Cole from his apartment at 3005 E. 35th Ave. hours after the burglary, then beating him until he told them where to find some of the stolen items.
What do you know. It looks like beating information out of someone actually worked. Who knew? Pretty much any criminal brutal enough to employ it knows that torture can be a relatively quick and effective way to extract accurate information, especially when that information can be verified by independent means.

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