Monday, April 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/12/2010


Representative Sample: There is nothing new in complaining about the ideological tilt in the study of American history in our nation’s schools. And the debate certainly isn’t limited to Texas, as one recent poll shows nearly half of American parents with children in primary or secondary public schools believing that history textbooks are inaccurate while fully 60% believe that “most school textbooks are more focused on being politically correct than ensuring accuracy.”

2. "Social Justice: Code for Communism" It's a red flag in more ways than one.

Representative Sample: The signature of modern leftist rhetoric is the deployment of terminology that simply cannot fail to command assent. As Orwell himself recognized, even slavery could be sold if labeled "freedom." In this vein, who could ever conscientiously oppose the pursuit of "social justice," -- i.e., a just society?

3. "What are the ten most peculiar (and sad) things in the Catholic Church?" Interesting article.

Representative Sample: 7. One of the most peculiar traditions in the Catholic Church is the way of promoting some active members of this faith to a status of a "saint", who are no ordinary people any more, but gain new unearthly qualities in the process of canonization.

4. "Star Wars... Burlesque" For fans of Star Wars and scantily dressed women.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

5. "Sanity Breaks Out" Secretary of Defense stands by soldiiers in Iraq.

Representative Sample:There were armed men, as I understand the incident. And there was a battle going on at the time. Just because some Reuters idiots decided to embed with the enemy to glorify their murder sprees does not mean our troops did anything illegal.

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