Thursday, April 8, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/8/2010

1. "Elections Have Consequences" Bad ones when you elect clueless liberal Democrats.

Representative Sample: Unfortunately for America, one of the consequences of the 2008 election is a muddled, patchwork foreign policy characterized by a combination of wishful thinking and disdain.

2. "Wake Up and Smell the Paradigm Shift: Turkey's Regime Marches Toward Islamism" What's going on with our formerly reliable ally.

Representative Sample:More evidence piles up every day that the Turkish government is moving toward radical Islamism yet Western policymakers pretend it merely combines a nice flavor of moderate Islam combined with democracy.

3. "IS THERE ANY ROOM IN OUR COMMON HERITAGE FOR THE SOUTHERN SOLDIER?" A good article in the aftermath of the Confederate History Month controversy.

Representative Sample: not until 600,000 lay dead and 4 million bondsmen were unmoored from their familiar surroundings and habits of life - set adrift in a country that despised them - did the South finally surrender. Ever since, we haven’t quite known what to do with them. Were they evil racists, forever stained by the sin of having kept slaves? Or were they gallant knights forever holding their flag high despite the fact that they were fighting in a lost, ignoble cause?

4. "START and Beyond: Obama Abandons US Power" You don't need power when you have delusions and wishful thinking.

Representative Sample:Both events are deeply flawed. Both are theater productions for Obama to push through his unrealistic agenda of “getting to zero”, i.e. attempting to achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

5. "Enemy-centred ideas for Afghanistan" Links interesting articlesl.

Representative Sample:Two recent articles, one by Bernard Finel and one by Austin Long, argue for a more ‘enemy-centred’ approach to the campaign in Afghanistan, one that would satisfy U.S. counter-terrorist objectives without embroiling its forces in overly ambitious state-building. It is interesting to read the two articles together, as both argue for a scaling-down of ambitions, yet in fairly distinct ways.

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