Monday, April 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/19/2010

1. "Hospice America" The left's vision of America.

Representative Sample: Obama and his party view investment, entrepreneurial adventure, private ownership, and personal responsibility as the epic fantasies of a young nation. Geriatric America is expected to accept the socialist wisdom of zero-sum, no-growth economics, in which prosperity ends at the waterfall edge of a flat Earth, and private innovation fades into a blank space labeled “here there be dragons.” Wealth is viewed as a dead mass to be redistributed, not the living energy that flows between the needs and abilities of free people. The healthy ambition to build a better life is replaced by hatred for those who already have it.

2. "Presidents Clinton and Obama Still Don’t Get Tea Partiers’ Issues" It's easier to just demonize millions of people as dangerous racists.

Representative Sample: neither president is capable of or willing to acknowledge the legitimate issues that are driving the Tea Party movement. That’s understandable, for to address the real issues that the Tea Parties are about would be to put a spotlight on all that is wrong with Democratic politics.

3. "They know not what they do"Also links another good post about the left-wing smear campaign.

Representative Sample:The media has reported on rightwing attacks on the left, and many prominent people have expressed their concerns regarding demonization and heated political rhetoric. What hasn't been reported in depth, at least in the media outlets I read, which are politically diverse but mostly with a liberal tilt, is the left's demonization of right as racists.

4. "IMI Delivers the last of 170 Upgraded M-60A1 to the Turkish Army" Hopefully Israel won't regret their military assistance to Turkey.

Representative Sample:Israel Military Industries (IMI) has delivered the last of 170 upgraded M-60A1 tanks to the Turkish Army. April 7, 2010, at an official ceremony held at the 2nd Turkish Army Depot at Kayseri, Turkey - the location in which the tanks underwent upgrading work in recent years. IMI is the prime contractor for the $687.5 million project

5. "The Amphibious Swarm Pt 1" Swarming ashore.

Representative Sample: Swarming large numbers of smaller landing craft should solve the problem of getting them to the beach in the age of the guided missile. The question might arise whether these numerous but smaller teams will be effective when they do land?

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