Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/6/2010

1. "Foreign Thinking Missing in Foreign Policy" The only thinking in Obama's foreign policy is the wishful variety.

Representative Sample: Engagement must be based on reality, not assumptions or simple hope. When it comes to keeping the peace, negotiated words are never enough.

2. "America’s Sniveling, Wimpy, Sissy-In-Chief" This makes some similar points as above, in a bit more direct fashion.

Representative Sample: everything about Obama SCREAMS, "America's weak. Try and take advantage of us. We won't do anything about it on my watch." And that was before his latest invitation to the world to attack America with biological weapons

3. "Iran’s New Speedboat: A Threat? Or Not?" Is the small boat swarm threat overblown?

Representative Sample: Outside of surprise (a la the USS Cole), the small boat “record” since World War II fails to live up to the modern-day hype. Certainly, small boats are not things to completely disregard, but I do have serious doubts about the danger a swarm poses to a prepared US vessel.

4. "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE INGENUITY OF COMPLETE FOOLS" Something to remember when considering Obama and Congressional Democrats.

Representative Sample:When it comes to understanding human nature, the left and their do-gooder utopian fantasies get failing marksMarx. They have this persistent fantasy that human nature is 'perfectable'; and that by some "magical" means, i.e., by the implementation of their 'perfect' ideology, they will be able to make people behave in some 'perfect' fashion.

5. "Here's What I Think Of Your Call For Civility" An amusing response.

Representative Sample: [censored]

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