Friday, April 23, 2010

Left Upset with Chuck Schumer

Many on the left despise Israel, although some like to pretend that they support it as a U.S. ally. Unfortunately that "support" usually involves demonizing Israel, assisting our enemies, and making the U.S. look foolish and weak. So it was not surprising to see some hostile reaction when Chuck Schumer dared to point out just how idiotic Obama's Middle East policy has been. Consider the case of Taylor Marsh, who is usually one of the more rational liberal voices out there.
there is no silver lining on what Sen. Chuck Schumer has done, because he’s made Pres. Obama the bad guy on Israel, something the right has been trying unsuccessfully to do.
No, President Obama through his own policies has made himself the "bad guy" on Israel. Schumer was just pointing that out.
if you ever had any doubts about where Sen. Schumer’s loyalties lie, know that it is with Israel Netanyahu over United States Pres. Obama. ... The Senator from AIPAC New York
Here we have a typical leftist smear. Because Schumer dares to differ on policy toward Israel, he isn't just wrong. Oh no, he's disloyal. He's basically a traitor who puts Israel's interests above the U.S. It couldn't be that he thinks our current policy toward Israel is not in the U.S. interest. For all their whining about people questioning their patriotism (even when it very rarely happens), there is no one quicker to label fellow Americans as disloyal, traitors, or un-American than leftists.
his is a very public dressing down by Mr. Schumer of Pres. Obama, not to mention a serious instance of rewriting the facts on the Netanyahu government, with a Democratic senator taking sides with Israel over the U.S. president.
Again, advocating that the U.S. change its policy is not "taking sides" with Israel over the U.S. It is a call to abandon a counterproductive course, which Schumer made clear in his statements.
Sen. Schumer has done a disservice to President Obama in every way
No, actually he's given Obama a much needed wake-up call --which unfortunately will probably fall on deaf ears, given Obama's apparent commitment to bashing allies and groveling before enemies.
a U.S. Middle East policy that solely favors Israel, even as we stay loyal friends, is not in the best interest of this country
Utter nonsense. What isn't in the interest of the U.S. is pretending that we can be some sort of honest broker, and sacrificing the interest of our friends in order to appease our enemies.
Putting American foreign policy interests at the top of the priority list is Obama’s job
Maybe Taylor Marsh should explain that to President Obama, since advancing American foreign policy interests seems to be nowhere on his list, let alone at the top.

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