Saturday, April 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/3/2010

1. "The Principle of Repeal" Making the case.

Representative Sample:Declaring repeal to be “impossible” is a self-fulfilling prophecy of American decline. A slapdash pile of graft and fraudulent cost projections, passed by a fantastically corrupt Congress that claims it couldn’t hear the muffled screams of the outraged electorate through the thick doors of their smoke-filled rooms, instantly becomes an eternal component of our lives? That will only be true if we make it true… and even then, it won’t be true for long.

2. "Top 10 Aircraft Carrier Alternatives" Some more interesting than others.

Representative Sample: #6 Arsenal Ships-It was thought in the 1990s the Navy could build an affordable missile barge at about half the cost of a destroyer, but with over 5 times the firepower.

3. "Invisibility cloak-plus" For when regular invisibility isn't quite good enough.

Representative Sample:In a twist on the concept of an invisibility cloak, researchers have designed a material that not only makes an object invisible, but also generates one or more virtual images in its place. Because it doesn’t simply display the background environment to a viewer, this kind of optical device could have applications that go beyond a normal invisibility cloak.

4. "Conservatives shouldn’t play the identity politics game either" But many will.

Representative Sample: For my part, the only special interest I want to see represented in the Supreme Court is The Constitution of the United States.

5. "AFTER THE EASTER BUNNY'S MEETING WITH BARACK OBAMA"  Easter Bunny meets big government.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

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