Sunday, April 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/4/2010

1. "Overpressuring Israel Could Eventually Backfire" It already has.

Representative Sample: Obama’s policy has achieved exactly the opposite of what it aimed to accomplish. It hardened the Palestinian position and delayed negotiations. In fact, despite Obama's efforts to gain Muslim hearts, American credibility has eroded in the Middle East. However this loss is in no way related to Israel or to negotiations with the Palestinians. It began, with Obama’s historic, conciliatory address in Cairo in June 2009. Arab and Muslim states, both friendly and hostile, saw it as a revelation of weakness. Obama’s credibility was damaged even further by the widening gap between his declarations about US determination to deny Iran nuclear weapons and the ongoing failure to achieve that goal.

2. "The Greatest Story That Never Happened – A Dropkick In 3 Acts"  Happy Easter.

Representative Sample: And there you have it. Three simple items that would not only make the less gullible amongst us pause, but those of us who have a sharpened sense of critical analysis laugh out loud. But it is difficult, when the meme has had centuries to take deep root, and the resistance squashed by those who claim to practice ‘turn the other cheek’ but in reality cannot internalize the concept.

3. "Most militarized countries in the world?" Some very interesting comparisons.

Representative Sample: Check out these Datablog graphs comparing what countries spend on their armed forces.

4. "In defense of Michael Steele."I agree. Right now the GOP needs a united focus on taking back Congress, not infighting.

Representative Sample: All of the stars are aligning against Michael Steele, which in the end hurts our electoral, political and cultural movement as Republicans. We cannot compete or survive against the Democrats if our fundraising vehicles are neutered. We cannot prosper when our leader and leadership is being sabotaged from within.

5. "Gerald R. Ford-class carrier costs jump by $5.4 billion" Another example of why government cost estimates and projections must be taken with a grain of salt.

Representative Sample:The Navy's estimated cost to build three Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers rose $5.4 billion, or 15.5 percent, since September 2008

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