Monday, April 5, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/5/2010

1. "Dressing Up Standards, Dumbing Down Schools" Excellent points.

Representative Sample: the newly proposed national standards, like all state standards before them, are written in a specious pseudo-scientific educationese that talks around the texts of our Western and American tradition but does not resemble in any way their depth of insight into how human beings think, believe, hope, and act. And this very obfuscation occurs for a very good reason. The people who are in charge of our schools, from the assistant principals to the state superintendents, and most of the teachers in them, do not themselves know what the books mean that they are supposed to teach.

2. "American Small Businesses Facing Huge New Burdens From Governments" That's what happens when you elect Democrats.

Representative Sample: as the nation continues to struggle through a nasty recession, and as the liberals/media try to convince us that recovery is at hand, the institutions that actually create the jobs and wealth and prosperity, are about to get creamed by huge new increases in taxes and regulations.

3. "The Dark World of Underground Raw Milk Trafficking" The reach of big government extends to areas you might not be aware of.

Representative Sample: should I be prosecuted for choosing to buy milk from a farmer I know and trust? Am I free? What business is it of the government if I want to buy raw milk? Why should it be against the law for a man to sell raw milk if there is a market for it?

4. "a little taste of eastern creationism…" TheIslamic variety.

Representative Sample: we’ll be taking a look at a truly odd paper written by Professor Pallacken Abdul Wahid, who has a PhD in agriculture and a passion for armchair theology. According to a few of his musings, the universe is actually a computer program ran by Allah and he intends to demonstrate this concept with such a thorough mangling of genomics, he will literally lead us back to the Garden of Eden in a supposedly scientific paper about the structure and function of chromosomes, and hereditary information.

5. "Add India to The List of US Allies Upset With Obama" More foreign policy incompetence.

Representative Sample: Obama's attempts at destroying US/Israel relations have been well documented on these pages, and now the world's largest democracy, India is upset at our President, "Mr. repairer of US foreign relationships "

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